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Counselling in Albury & Wodonga

Find Clarity And Achieve Long Lasting Emotional Relief

Who is counselling for?

If you’re at the point of considering counselling but you are still undecided, you might be thinking: “What kind of people go to counselling? Are they weak, broken, …?”

The truth is, there is only one kind of person that comes to counselling: the courageous kind. Everyone, at some point in their lives, struggles with challenging emotions that stand in the way of fully living.

Perhaps you become overwhelmed with the smallest decisions, or you find it hard to deal with the people in your life.

It is not uncommon to feel lost or discouraged and to think “Why do I keep making the same mistakes? Why can’t I take control of my life and live on my own terms? Will things ever change?”.

It takes courage

Deciding that you won’t settle for the predictable, but often chaotic, situation you live in requires you to step into the unknown and ask questions about how you approach your life, or how past experiences might have shaped you.

This step is not an easy one to take. It is normal to feel afraid and to have some reservations. To be courageous doesn’t mean to not feel fear. It means to take a step in the right direction, even when this isn’t easy. Courage can only exist when fear is present.

I’m here to guide you

Making the decision to replace our fears and shortcomings with courage and strength is a good first step. But to achieve long lasting change, sometimes it is necessary to have some guidance. Someone who can truly see you and help you make sense of your thoughts and feelings.

Counselling involves creating a relationship of deep trust and respect. You will receive insight into how you can approach things differently and start feeling more in control of your life and emotions.

Counselling can help you build on your strengths so you can approach challenges feeling confident in your ability to deal with them.

If you are ready to get started today, contact me for more information or book an appointment.

This service is temporarily closed

Hello, I’m Nicole Jackson

I’m a licensed Counsellor & Psychotherapist.

My approach to counselling isn’t to just sit, nod and be a listening ear to your struggles. Although you will be listened to attentively and empathetically, my work involves helping you come up with practical solutions that you can apply in your life to start feeling better.

I believe that some measure of stress and challenge isn’t only inescapable, it is necessary to become the best version of ourselves. When we look after our emotional well-being, we are able to approach these challenges with excitement about what the future might bring, instead of feeling down and hopeless.


At this stage, you might not be able to name what you are feeling with a label such as “depression” or “anxiety”. That is okay, many people start their first session by simply saying “I just feel lost, I don’t know what to change”. Below are some of the issues you might be experiencing.

Online Counselling

As well as offering face-to-face appointments, I also offer the possibility to engage in counselling via online sessions.

Online counselling is just as effective. Many people find it more convenient as they don’t need to travel for sessions. It also gives you more freedom about where you have your sessions. You can choose a comfortable space to talk about things that feel difficult. If you are ready to get started or you have any questions, get in touch today.

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